Easy Vegan Lunch: Lentils and Crackers

This is one of my favorite dishes. Compared to other types of dried beans, lentils are relatively quick and easy to prepare. They come in a variety of colors which are all high in nutritional value and available throughout the year.

One great thing about lentils is that they easily absorb a variety of wonderful flavors, so you can season this any way you like. I found an excuse to use my Old Bay seasoning again and that makes this dish taste amazing. I love to combine it with Ritz Roasted Vegetable crackers. The blend of those flavor are like a rich and salty dance.

The recipe itself is very simple but feel free to use the flavors you love to spice up this dish for your liking

Lentils and Crackers

  • Servings: 2
  • Difficulty: easy
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  • Lentils (any color)
  • 1/2 tbsp of Old Bay Seasoning (or seasoning of your choice)
  • Ritz Roasted Vegetable crackers (or crackers of your choice)


  1. Rinse lentil for 30 seconds with water
  2. Cook the lentils according to the instructions. It’s general a 1:4 ratio of lentils to water. I typical do a 1:3 ratio. So you will combine 1 cup of lentils to 3 cups of water in a pot.
  3. After 20 minutes the lentil should be done. Add the seasoning of your choice a tsp at a time. Lentil easily adsorb flavors so you want to be careful not to over season this dish.
  4. Serve with crackers of your choice

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