5 Fruits and Vegetables to Never Refrigerate

Being a vegan, I’m used to buying a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. I’m pretty good at buying just what I need for the week, but sometimes I find a challenge with extending the life of these fresh foods. Often times we think that cooling or freezing foods will keep it fresher longer, but that’s not always the case. Check out the fruits and vegetables below that you should leave out of the refrigerator.

 BananasbananaIf your bananas are green, you’ll want to separate them and leave them out to ripen. If they’re yellow, and you want them to last, you can refrigerate them to prevent over-ripening.

MelonsmelonKeep melons at room temperature when they are whole and store cut melon pieces in the refrigerator.

 PotatoespotatoesPotatoes become sweet and gritty in cold temperatures, thanks to the fact that the starch is breaking down and converting to sugar. Store your potatoes in a breathable paper bag in a cool, dark place.

TomatoestomatoWhen tomatoes have been stored in the refrigerator too long, ice crystals begin to form making their texture quite mealy. When you store tomatoes at room temperature (or pick them fresh off the vine), both their flavor and texture are superior.

AvocadoavocadoThe trick with avocados is to buy them just before use. That way, you can select them when they are perfectly ripe. If you are buying unripe avocados, leave them out of the refrigerator to continue the ripening process.



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