3 Tips For More Defined Curls Wash Day

Tips for more defined curls on wash day

Wash day rolls around and you sigh in preparation for a few hours of prepooing, deep conditioning, washing, conditioning, styling, and drying – all in the hopes of a perfectly defined mane. Here are a 3 tips to help you get the most out of your curls on wash day.

Deep Conditioning– You’ll achieve the best definition on healthy moisturized hair and I always get the best hair days after deep conditioning treatments. If my schedule permits, I deep condition at least once a week. Invest in an in-home steamer, to get the most moisture and penetration from the deep conditioner. Also, make sure your deep conditioner has the ingredients to provide a protein moisture balance that’s right for your tresses.

Finger Detangling – This helps me to not only achieve better definition but also improves length and volume retention. I have bigger and longer hair when I religiously opt for my 10 digits over any brush or comb. As far as detangling, it’ll take a bit of practice to master the technique. Just remember to do it in small sections, working from the ends up in a gentle manner. Don’t pull or rip at your hair, but gently remove shed hair and tangles. I suggest  starting on wet hair that’s soaked with conditioner in the shower. The power of the shower stream and slipperiness from your conditioner should make finger detangling a cinch.

Styling – For styling a wash-and-go, shingling or preparing your hair for twist outs or braid-outs – use your fingers like a comb. The raking motion (which captures chunks of hair between my fingers) creates perfect little spirals. Using your fingers will keep more hair on your head and allow you to enjoy longer lengths. I also suggest styling on wash day on your damp hair. Don’t wait until your hair is completely dry or soaked with water to style. That will lead to a longer wait time for your hair to dry or not being able to achieve the beautiful curls you have when your hair is wet. Damp styling works best.

What do you do to achieve the perfect curls on wash day?



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