Tips for Easily Detangling Natural Hair

3 ways to prevent natural hair breakageOne of the biggest complaints I hear from people on the verge of giving up on their natural hair is maintenance. And maintenance generally refers more to detangling than actual styling and upkeep. Detangling is simply separating the strands of your hair to remove tangles and shed hairs that can cause matting, knots, and breakage. Proper detangling is key to overall hair health, so take a look at the tips below to cut down on your detangling time and to make it more efficient.

Wet Detangle

When the hair is wet and full of conditioner, it is in the ideal state for detangling. The water and conditioner provides enough slip to make it super easy for your fingers or styling tool to glide through the hair. Although the strands are most fragile when wet, the hair is flexible, elastic, and loose enough in this state to withstand a comb when used carefully with conditioner.

Styling Tools

There are a few different styling tools to use for detangling including a wide tooth comb, paddle or vent (Denman) brush, and my personal favorite, your five fingers! Combs with tiny teeth, boar bristle brushes, brushes with balls at the end of the bristles should be avoided.

Finger detangling is using your fingers like a comb. When finger detangling, you should be able to gently undo minor knots and tangles. You can use this as your only detangling tool or use it before using a brush or a comb.

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