3 Tips For More Defined Curls Wash Day

Tips for more defined curls on wash day

Wash day rolls around and you sigh in preparation for a few hours of prepooing, deep conditioning, washing, conditioning, styling, and drying – all in the hopes of a perfectly defined mane. Here are a 3 tips to help you get the most out of your curls on wash day.

Deep Conditioning– You’ll achieve the best definition on healthy moisturized hair and I always get the best hair days after deep conditioning treatments. If my schedule permits, I deep condition at least once a week. Invest in an in-home steamer, to get the most moisture and penetration from the deep conditioner. Also, make sure your deep conditioner has the ingredients to provide a protein moisture balance that’s right for your tresses.

Finger Detangling – This helps me to not only achieve better definition but also improves length and volume retention. I have bigger and longer hair when I religiously opt for my 10 digits over any brush or comb. As far as detangling, it’ll take a bit of practice to master the technique. Just remember to do it in small sections, working from the ends up in a gentle manner. Don’t pull or rip at your hair, but gently remove shed hair and tangles. I suggest  starting on wet hair that’s soaked with conditioner in the shower. The power of the shower stream and slipperiness from your conditioner should make finger detangling a cinch.

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