3 Steps to a Healthy Eating Lifestyle

Healthy Eating

I’ve never been one to do things for a short amount of time. If I do something new it’s for the better and it rarely makes sense to revert back to the thing I changed in the first place. When you know better do better. This should be the motto for all things including your eating habits.

I never quite understood the concept of dieting. If you know you need to change your diet for any reason, why then does it make sense to do it for a short amount of time and then revert back to old habits that put you in a negative position. It’s better to ditch the diet and make a habit of healthy eating. If you’re looking for a little direction, here are a few tips that helped me along the way.

Start Slow

Start with one meal a day and make it the healthiest you can. You don’t have to learn to eat all new foods, just make the things you love as healthy as possible. For example, you can change out your white flour pancakes for a buckwheat waffle with chia seeds. You can still have a sandwich for lunch, just change the bread to sprouted grain and add low fat condiments. For dinner be sure to switch to meat free of hormones, preservatives, pesticides, and more. Also, be sure you have some green vegetables on your plate.

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