5 Facts about Heat & Natural Hair

Attractive woman drying her hair.

Heat has become an essential element in how most people style their hair. You have flat irons, blow dryers, curling irons and more to achieve a desired look. Unfortunately, heat can wreak havoc on beautiful natural curls and can permanently damage healthy hair. To limit damage to your hair and to use heat successfully, it’s important to be equipped with the facts. Consider these 5 facts below when adding heat to your styling routine.

1. Heat Damage Can’t Be Repaired

Heat damage can be prevented or treated but not repaired. When your hair is damaged by heat or any other source, it’s permanently damaged. High or excessive heat can permanently break the bonds within hair strands. Products that are on the market that promise to repair damaged hair are misleading. The simply act as a serum that give the hair the “appearance” that it’s not damaged but doesn’t actually reverse the damage.

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