Yoga for Hair Growth

smiling woman meditating sitting on mat outdoorsIt’s the first week in February and for those who are still going strong with their New Years resolution to get fit, you’ve proven yourself to be in it for the long-haul. For those looking to grow your hair and get fit, Yoga may be a great option to explore. Yoga in Hinduism is a set of mental and physical exercises aimed at producing spiritual enlightenment.

Yoga has been said to be highly capable treatment for many hair and scalp issues. Poses that particularly work well are inversion yoga poses, which are poses that require your head to be below your heart. The premise of the inversion method is that the upside-down poses bring a rush of blood to the head, which nourishes the roots with extra circulation thereby stimulating hair growth. Some reviewers claimed to have a quarter-inch to an inch or more of new growth in just one week. Below are some of the best inversion poses for hair growth.

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