3 Tips to Reduce Breakage

3 ways to prevent natural hair breakage

If you want longer or bigger hair, there isn’t a magic pill to take. You have to focus on keeping the hair already on your head healthy. There’s not much you can do to force your scalp to grow hair faster, but you can focus on hair care habits that prevent breakage. Here are three important things to do to handle your coils with care.

1. Hold your hair while you comb or brush
Remember when your head would jerk in the direction your mom ferociously brushed it? Don’t relive those tortuous moments! Since our natural hair coils and springs back into place when we let it go, it’s even more important to hold the section of hair we’re detangling. You want to detangle your hair from ends to root, so hold your fingers a few inches above the ends, detangle, and then move up a few more inches until  you’ve reached the root.

2. Sleep with a satin scarf or pillow case
Maintaining healthy natural hair is all about moisture. It’s easy for our coils to snag on rough fabrics, so switching to a softer textile like satin or silk will prevent your hair from snagging.

3. Try protective styles
I’m not a huge fan of protective styling. I figured since I grew this hair I need to wear it out whenever possible. But protective styling is a great technique to prevent breakage. The more we tousle our hair around, the more opportunities we have for tangles and breakage. Try to fight Hand In Hair Syndrome and opt for twists, braids, buns, etc.

How do you prevent breakage with your natural hair?


3 Ways to Protect Your Hair While Sleeping


Many naturals still struggle with their hair – especially at bedtime. You can achieve the perfect look one day and then struggle to preserve your styles and prevent tangles for great second or third day hair. Here are 3 ways to preserve styles, prevent matting, and reduce damage for your natural hair styles:

Satin or Silk Scarves

The key to healthy hair is moisture. Cotton material robs your hair of moisture. Furthermore, the weave of cotton fibers can cause individual stands to tangle and break. Satin or silk provide a smooth barrier that hair strands can glide across without the risk of damage and friction. Be sure to use a satin or silk scarf to wrap your hair at night. It will act as a barrier between your hair and pillowcases while maintain the moisture levels in your hair.

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