Reading the Label: Decoding Shampoo Ingredients

Cute African American using shampoo

Pretty packaging, misleading marketing language, price, and a lack of education on this subject leads people to buying hair products that could do more harm than good to their hair and overall health. Learning to decode ingredient labels is an important step in a healthy hair journey. Most commercially available hair care products today contain harmful and potentially carcinogenic ingredients, so it’s important to educate yourself on what you’re being exposed to on a daily or weekly basis.

I wanted to start my “reading the label” post on this blog with shampoo, because it is one of the most important products in our arsenal. A good shampoo keeps your scalp healthy which leads to easier maintenance and more hair growth. A bad shampoo will lead to breakage, scalp irritations, frizz, and tougher hair maintenance.

Here are 7 ingredients you want to avoid in your next purchase of shampoo:

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