5 Travel Essentials for Your Natural Hair Emergency Kit

natural hair travel kitAs you read in my last post about natural hair, I’m always on a plane and traveling while curly can be a daunting task. Considering I’m on a plane every other week, I think I have the travel essentials down to a science. Check out these 5 items that you need for perfect hair days on vacation.

  1. Satin/Silk Headscarf– It’s one thing to have good 1st day hair but in order for your ‘do to last all weekend or week, you need to protect it. Satin/Silk fabric is closest to the fibers of our hair, and will help you retain moisture. Cotton fabric which is typically on hotel bed sheets will absorb all the moisture.
  2. Satin/Silk Pillow Case– I always bring one satin pillow case. As a little germophobe this makes me feel better than sleeping on a pillow case that’s been slept on by thousands of people and it’s a good to use as a back-up in case your scarf comes off, or if you want to sleep without a scarf.
  3. Leave-In Conditioner– Leave-In conditioner is a curly’s best friend. It will help detangle, clean, and style your hair. You can use it as a co-wash and follow it up as a styler. To save on space, I typically mix a little oil into my leave-in conditioner, therefore I don’t have to carry oil separately.
  4. Styling Tools– Be sure to bring a wide tooth comb or denman brush if you’re planning to detangle (I’m a 5 finger kind of girl, myself). Consider the styles you want to use and bring the proper items including; soft-bristle brush, rollers, bobby pins, and headbands. My go-to is always the scrunchie. When all else fails, my hair goes directly in a bun.
  5. Empty spray bottle.
    You’ll definitely need to refresh your curls while on vacation and the spray bottle is the best way to do so.

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Maintaining the Balance: Protein & Moisture

5 Tips for Traveling While Curly

Maintaining the Balance: Protein & MoistureI’m constantly on a plane traveling one place or another and I’ll admit that the idea of traveling while natural is daunting, particular for trips longer than a weekend. Between the TSA guidelines, luggage weight requirements and the need for amazing hair for your vacation Instagram photo, TWN (traveling while natural) can be stressful. But armed with the right tips, you can have a great experience. Below are some essential things to remember prior to and while traveling with natural hair:

  1. Call Al Roker

It’s important to check the weather conditions, of your destination before you pack. Particularly you want to check the level of humidity and dryness in the new environment. For example, a shift from very hot and humid weather to cold dry weather would call for a reduction of humectants like glycerin that can strip moisture from the hair and leave you with the lion king effect.

  1. Keep it Simple

Now that my hair is a little longer, I’m good with 2 pigtails for the plane or a long road trip. When I get to my destination, all I have to do is take the braids out and I have a great braid-out for the weekend. You can also do any simple twists or other hairstyles and cover your hair with a cute beanie, hat or headscarf. TSA has never asked me to take off a beanie but with headscarfs be sure to tie it in an easily removable style, just in case.

5 Tips for traveling while curly


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