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Welcome to Veggie Curls

I’ve been hesitant to start a personal blog for a while. After managing several corporate blogs, I’m a little tapped out of the social media space. However, since I’m in a constant state of answering the same questions repeatedly regarding my hair and food choices, I thought 2015 would be my year to dedicate time to answering those questions in one place.

My Hair Story:

Around the age of 7 or 8 I was given my first relaxer by my aunt and was bound to the “creamy crack” since that time. I never cared for the whole process of getting a relaxer so by the time I was graduating from college in 2009, I made the conscious decision to stop. At this time I hadn’t seen the movie “Good Hair” and had no idea I was going “natural”. I just knew I despised getting relaxers. As I transitioned I was introduced to great blogs like Curly Nikki, Quest for the Perfect Curl, Hey Fran Hey, and Black Girl Long Hair. These blogs educated me and gave me the encouragement to know that there were other women who looked like me going through the same triumphs and tribulations of this natural hair journey. In 2010, I cut off the rest of my relaxed ends and the rest is history.

natural hair collage

Becoming “Veganish”:

I started going vegan about 6 months prior to starting this blog. I wouldn’t say that I’m a full vegan. I would classify myself as veganish. Vegan for me is not consuming any meat, milk, or eggs. I eat a complete vegan diet in my home and conform to vegetarian eating when I’m out socially.

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