Vegan dishes at Thanksgiving

Holiday Cooking: Vegan Recipes for Thanksgiving

The holidays can be tough, especially for a new vegan or someone trying to change their eating habits. I can remember my first holidays as a vegan. I think both my family and I were defeated with trying to figure out how I can still feel comfortable and have something to eat, while everyone else was enjoying their ham, turkey, and all the sides that were still made with meat and milk. The first year, I ended up just making my go to sweet and sour eggplant as my main dish and picked over the sides I could actually eat from the main meal.

Now that my family and I are more comfortable with my vegan lifestyle, I actually bring some of my favorite dishes to the holiday meal, so that I can have a full meal the way I like it and if any of my non-vegan family members want to try something they can, there’s enough for that too! You can see that from the photo above, all the vegan items are on one side of the table but still in the rotation for everyone to try.

Below you’ll find recipes for my vegan mac n’ cheese, collard greens, and roasted veggies. As well asĀ  “meat” substitute options for a 3 bean sausage wrap and king oyster mushroom pulled pork.

Give it a try and let me see your creations on social media by using the hashtag #veggiecurls

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